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Glass cleaner V1c

Glass cleaner V1

Dusting and Multipurpose detergent D1c

Dusting and Multipurpose detergent D1

Degreaser S2c

Degreaser S1

Pure petroleum

Plasto bianco

Nitro 21

Nitro anti-fog thinner 416

Nitro thinner 1000 SC

Nitro universal thinner 700

Nitro thinner 907 car

Nitro anti-fog thinner 909

Nitro thinner 900

Thinner wash 707

Polyvalent thinner 4412

Polyvalent thinner 610

Acril 430 lento- slow acrylic thinner

Acril 430 SL

Nosil 122- anti-silicone thinner

Dearomatized white spirit D40

Solvent naphtha

Pure petroleum


Denatured ethyl alcohol 99,9°

Denatured ethyl alcohol 94°

Denatured ethyl alcohol 90°

Pure acetone

Hydrowash 2005

Superwash 2002

Tire rebuilding solvent 3906

Solvent D 1030

Degreaser 2000

Avio benz

Stain remover

Degreaser 1065

Degreaser 3140- metallic surfaces degreaser 3140

Remosil- remove silicone

Metal surfaces degreaser 3132

Degreaser 3128- metallic surfaces degreaser 3128

Raw linseed oil

Boiled linseed oil

Alcohol diacetone DAA

Methylisobutylketone MIBK

Butyl glycol

Ethyl acetate

Butyl acetate

Methylethylketone MEK

Technical acetone

Isobutyl alcohol IBA

Isopropyl alcohol IPA


Methylene chloride

PM Solvent

PM Acetate




Mineral white spirit


Bituminous black paint

Traditional hand wash paste


Label remover

Fidoil- the rust blocker

Traffic island paints



Ammonia 7%

Hydrochloric acid 33%

Stub- drain cleaner

Grey cement

Quick cement

White cement

Glue for tiles

Canary seed


Vaseline oil

Wall fixative

Sanil alcohol-based hand sanitizer gel

Sanil- surface sanitizer

Nitro anti-fog thinner 709

Hydrocar 2007- water-based pre-detergent

Motor wash- professional water-based washer

Skill- professional water-based degreaser

Degreaser H25- professional water-based degreaser

Liquid paint remover SC- for industrial use

Paint remover E-92 new

Paint remover Ercole new

Paint remover 1052 new

Nautik- water-based paint remover for boating

Antitarlo- Terminator woodworm

Red plasto- red oil for furniture

Putty paste

Putty powder

Sodium hydroxide

Detergent 3090

Epoxy thinner 123

Anti-silicone degreaser 3150

Degreaser 1022- phosphating degreaser 1022

Soundproofed absorbers

Alcoholic solution for shellac

Thinner 30

Acril 430 lento- slow acrylic thinner

Acril 430- acrylic thinner

Epoxy thinner 127

Isobutyl acetate

Antisil 30- anti-silicone solvent

Nitro extra anti-fog thinner 750

Nitro super anti-fog thinner 412

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