Sanil- surface sanitizer

CATEGORY: Sanitizer

Sanitizer designed to thoroughly clean tables, desks, worktops, monitors, keyboards, mice, printers, televisions, smartphones and portable devices, tools and various utensils. Its ready-to-use formula makes it practical to use.



It does not require rinsing except on surfaces in contact with food. Applicable on all materials compatible with water.  It cleanses and sanitizes in a single operation, without leaving streaks. Lavender fragrance.
For industrial, professional and domestic use.

How to use:
– spray the product on the surface to be sanitized, wait 20-30 seconds and remove with paper or a clean cloth;
– for the sanitation of smartphones and portable devices, spray the product on a soft cloth and wipe the surface;
– on tables, desks and worktops, to increase the sanitizing effectiveness, leave the product to act for a longer time (1-2 minutes).

It can be used in food processing areas such as kitchens, restaurants and bars that operate in compliance with regulation (EC) n.852/2004 and Legislative Decree 193/2007- HACCP.

Use cases


Car refreshing

casa edilizia

Home and building

Color factory and hardware store




Print industry

Avaible formats

  0,25 L 0,5 L 0,75 L

1 L

5 L 20 L
Pcs per carton 12 2
With label

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